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  • Exec-Tech prioritises providing our clients with only top tier and carefully selected candidates that tick most or all requirements that we are provided with. Should we not have candidates in our database for the positoon required then we will perform an executive search where we will interview and profile around 20-50 potential candidates, we will then narrow down our search to a shortlist of around 5-10 perfect candidates for our client. It is most important for us to build and maintain a strong relationship with our clients.
  • We spend time with hiring managers to find out exactly what they are looking for and the struggles they have in finding the right people. Our goal is to alleviate any pressures they have and combat their current roadblocks to finding the right candidate.
  • Once we have a full understanding of who we need to find we map out the market, making sure we source 50-70 people before even picking up the phone
  • We then take each candidate through our unique interview process, before trimming down to a final shortlist of 5-7 top quality CV’s
  • We aim to deliver a final shortlist within two weeks of receiving a project.

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