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Privacy Policy


We, at Executive Technology Recruitment Private Limited ( “Exec-tech”, “us”, “we” or “our”), are strongly committed to protect your personal data and respecting your privacy. We ensure a fair and transparent processing of your data during and at any time after the course of delivering our service to you.

We highly recommend reading our privacy policy as it will help you understand how we collect and use personal data from individuals, our clients, suppliers and others during the course of our business. We expressly commit to only use personal data that remains strictly limited to the purposes described in this privacy policy or as stated during the point of data collection. We operate this website for the purpose of promoting the services provided by us and a use of our website signifies your consent and acceptance of these conditions in return for which we shall provide you its access. This privacy policy applies to the personal data of anyone who uses our website, candidates, clients and other people we might need to contact during the course of providing our service.

We regularly review this privacy statement and may make changes at any time without a prior notice.

About us

Executive Technology Recruitment Private Limited is a Limited Liability Company, registered in Sharjah Freezone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates  bearing registration number (ENTER REGISTRATION NO) having its registered office at (ENTER ADDRESS).

Purpose of this Privacy Policy/Notice

The purpose of this privacy policy is to give you information on how we collect and process your personal data through your use of this website. It is important that you read this privacy policy together with any other privacy notice or fair processing notice that we may provide you on specific occasions when we are collecting or processing personal data about you so that you are fully aware of how and why we use your data.

Your information that we collect

Personal data, or personal information, for the purposes of this policy is any information based on which an individual can be identified. We shall collect such information, as is also listed below for the purpose of our use and records. We also capture your location based on your ID in order to show you the most relevant data for your ease and improving the user experience of our website. Additionally, we may further collect, store, use and transfer different kinds of personal data about you which we have listed below:

The information specified above shall be collected by us when you fill in our recruitment forms or provide us with your CV, respond to recruitment advertisement or otherwise engage with us about the recruitment searches we handle. In addition, we shall also remain in touch with third parties so as to obtain more information about you, for example by way of our references or from our own searches of various sources (such us where you interact with our content that we post on our social media handles).

We collect and hold all your personal information for a protection of our legitimate interests. In other words, processing your personal information is necessary to ensure that we provide you the employment and recruitment services you wish to receive from us. We may also record any information contained in any correspondence you may have with via telephone, post, email or other communication. Website usage information is collected via cookies.

In any scenario where we don’t collect this information or you fail to provide us any personal information which we lawfully require under the terms of any agreement executed by and between us, we may not be able to fulfill our obligations under such contract or any other contact we are trying to enter with you. In such scenario, we may have to cancel services you have with us, subject to a written notification which shall be provided to you before any such termination.

How we collect this information?

We may use different methods to collect data from and about you including through:

How we use this information?

We shall at all times undertake to adhere to the data protection legislation in relation to any personal data shared by you and will only use such data to the extent that law allows us. Most commonly, we will use your personal data in the following ways:

Who we need this information with?

Our work for you may require us to pass your information to our third-party service providers, agents, sub-contractors and other organisations solely for the purposes of completing tasks and providing our services to you. In such instances we shall only provide the personal information necessary to deliver our services to you and also enter terms of confidentiality with those third parties to keep secure your personal data to restrict them from using it for their own marketing purposes.

In particular, we may forward your personal data to:

We shall only be using this information subject to your prior instructions, data protection law and our duty of confidentiality.


Any information that you choose to give us will not be used for marketing purposes by us. We will hold your personal information only for the purposes if providing you our business services. 


The law permits us to process your personal data to the extent as is:

What rights do you have?

At any time during the course of your engagement with us you have the following rights;

Any request made by you for access to or a copy of your personal data shall be expressly made via email at and we will endeavor to respond within a reasonable period and in accordance with the terms of agreement executed by and between us. We will comply with our legal obligations as regards your rights as a data subject.

Any incorrect or incomplete information shall be corrected by us and we will stop processing your personal data, or erase it, where there is no legal reason for us to continue to hold or use that information. It shall be our aim to ensure at all times that information we hold about you is accurate at all times. To assist us in ensuring that your information is up to date, do let us know if any of your personal information or details change.

How long will we hold your data for?

In our constant endeavor to ensure that all information that you share with us remains protected and safe at all times, it is our policy to delete your information if we have not had any contact with you, either in writing or verbally or in relation to our services, for a period of five (5) years. However, before we do so we will contact you to confirm whether you are agreeable for us to continue to hold your information for a longer period. At any time before the specified tenure of five (5) years you can raise a request to do so and we shall follow the same upon receipt of your instructions.

Changes to Privacy Statement

Any changes to our privacy statement will be posted on this page of our website. We recommend users to check the privacy statement each time they visit out website. If your privacy policy is amended in any way, we will automatically update the existing policy with the updated version and its date of effect.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions with respect to this Privacy Policy or information that we hold about you: